The Joouly 35 LED light

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The Joouly Lamp Speaker Cooler Collage

Light up your life!
The JOOULY 35 is a stylish LED light with 9 different warm light colors, 4 color changing variants, an integrated Bluetooth speaker, and a container that can be used as a drink cooler or as a light vase.
The JOOULY 35 can be controlled both via APP and remote control.

- Height 35cm
- 4 different color changing variants can be selected via remote control or APP
- 9 different light colors, battery operated, dimmable and wireless
- Bluetooth SYNC function (connecting multiple JOOULY/JOOULY LTD 2020 model together)
- 5W Bluetooth speaker (compatible with Alexa Echo)
- Battery operation for playing light and music, light only approx. 11 hours, light and music approx. 8 hours
- Controllable via APP