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Funnelweb bean bag filling system

To avoid any misunderstandings here: All of our bean bags are delivered including filled funnel web and all of our prices are complete prices, including funnel web, filling and bean bag cover.

The patented one System - developed by Ambient Lounge - makes refilling easier and replacing Styrofoam beads. (See images below)
Either for cleaning purposes or to adjust the seating comfort - for example to fill it more firmly or softly, the Funnelweb makes this possible without any problems. Our zipper system attaches the funnel web filled with Styrofoam beads to the tunnel of the bean bag.
Ambient lounge bean bags are delivered unfilled, which is a huge advantage is for the buyer. The filling is completely easy to get into the bean bag, a perfectly thought out system .
A remainder of Styrofoam beads is left over for later use, as the funnel webs are generous are filled. No one else offers this advantage and with us you don't have to buy refill packs in a plastic bag so that your lounger can return to its normal shape.
Every bean bag has to be refilled after a while, some sooner, ours later, because we are the best Use material in the size 1-3mm. The Funnelweb is a clean and easy-to-use system.
When you surf the net, take a look and see who exactly specifies the size of the Styrofoam beads or the material properties. Some do it very well, others not at all or only a little. For cost reasons, large beads are filled, which then quickly, very quickly no longer have any volume - they are flat. Sometimes shredded Styrofoam from virgin material is also used, which flattens even more quickly. Or really bad - from waste of uncertain origin - you should stay away from that.
Fill the loungers and bean bags not too tight, they are then softer and more comfortable.
The Funnelweb is completely easy for one person to use and is a really clean, functional thing.

Funnelweb system only works in conjunction with ambient lounge designer bean bags .

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