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VLUV VEEL is the vegan version of our VLUV sitting ball concept. The material is an innovative artificial leather made from a specially coated polyester fabric. The material has the look and feel of open-pore leather while being warm and breathable like a fabric.

VLUV creates a cozy, warm and soft seating option in every home or office. It fits perfectly into any living or working environment. And the VLUV is also healthy: Our VLUV was certified as an “ergonomic product” by the IGR eV (interest group of back school teachers).

Delivery time 6 working days

  • ergonomic sitting and back training in one
  • Available in sizes 60-65cm and 70-75cm
  • Case made from special faux leather, based on robust yet breathable coated polyester fabric
  • double felled seam = burst-proof and safe
  • robust and dimensionally stable
  • Can hardly roll away thanks to the sewn-in base ring
  • clever handle for transporting with one hand
  • unribbed inner ball made of phthalate-free, burst-proof PVC
  • YKK quality zipper with concealed slider
  • suitable for up to approx. 150kg body weight
  • Includes fabric cover, inner ball, double-action hand pump, 2 valve closures, 2x pump adapter, closure lifter + operating instructions
  • Cover removable and wipeable
  • The set is delivered deflated and can easily be inflated with the included hand pump.
  • Packaging: reusable cotton zipper bag
  • Protected German design


Are you between 135-155cm tall? Then it's best to choose a VLUV BOL in 50-55cm. Please note that this model is not suitable for standard table heights, it would be too low.

Are you between 155-180cm tall? Then always choose a VLUV BOL in 60-65cm.

Are you over 180-200cm tall, but would like to use the VLUV BOL on a table with a normal table height of approx. 72-75cm? Then you're better off choosing a VLUV with a diameter of 60-65cm.

Are you over 180-200cm tall and would like to use the VLUV BOL on a height-adjustable table? Then you're better off choosing the VLUV BOL in 70-75cm.

VLUV BOLs in 70-75cm are only suitable for working with height-adjustable tables, otherwise the sitting position is too high.

If you are just over 180cm tall and have followed tip 1, you can also decide whether you would like to sit sportily and ambitiously or comfortably and safely. In the first case, please choose the model with a diameter of 70-75cm. If you would prefer to sit a little more comfortably and lower, you should choose the model with a diameter of 60-65cm.