Sauna towels Long Double Loop 105 cm x 180 cm

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Bath towels Heritage Range 95 cm x 150 cm The Long Double Loop sauna towels from the Graccioza collection are wonderfully soft and voluminous. Because they are pre-washed, they have high absorbency right from the start. It is not without reason that Egyptian cotton is one of the best yarns in the world. It is characterized by particularly long fibers, which make the luxurious and silky touch possible after weaving. These sauna towels are woven with extra long loops, making them particularly soft and fluffy. The significantly improved durability also results from the edging with a double-stitched bias tape.

Weight: 700gsm

Size: sauna towel 105 cm x 180 cm in 16 colors

Material: 100% Egyptian Cotton

Manufacturer: Graccioza

Certificates: OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

ISO 14001 environmental certification

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