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About us - our history and passion for quality

Welcome, we are AmbientYou!

Please accompany us on a short excursion into our long company history, then you will get a feel for what we are today and what we stand for.
In 1881, Paul Lindhorst founded the LINDHORST company in Berlin, which produced and sold tapestries and table linen for embroidery as well as yarn. After the war, his son Kurt Lindhorst continued to run the company in Heidelberg and in 1977 his daughter Swantje and his son-in-law Walter Hürlimann took over the management. Since 1986, now in the 4th generation, Curt Hürlimann has expanded and renewed the company's direction and launched the online shop.
It was logical to expand the range in addition to table linen to include other “beautiful things”. But despite all the changes, we still stick to the values ​​of 1881 today: alignment with the current zeitgeist, good design, best quality and sustainability.
AmbientYou has become the home for our own brands Lindhorst, Xolo and exclusive collections from family-run companies, so we can show you a wide range of beautiful things for your ambience.
Let yourself be inspired!! We hope that you feel comfortable with our products!!

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